Unhealthy drinking affects everyone.

If someone you love drinks excessively, that can be incredibly challenging for everyone involved. They deserve support and so do you. Sign up for free expert resources for supporting yourself and your loved one at the same time.

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One of the most effective strategies for achieving sobriety or moderation is engaging with friends and family. This group is for those looking to cut back on drinking and those supporting them. Join the discussion about how to better understand one another and support each other throughout this journey.

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Example Resources

Monument experts answer your frequently asked questions about supporting a loved one with alcohol use disorder and taking care of your own psychological wellbeing.

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How To Support Yourself While Supporting Someone In Recovery

By Sabrina Spotorno, LSW, CASAC

Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) impacts family members beyond the person living with it. Here's how to support yourself while caring for someone with AUD.

How To Confront A Loved One About Their Unhealthy Drinking

By Kimberley Rodriguez, LMFT, CAP

Even if a conversation seems nerve-wracking, you have options. My hope is that these tips can help you navigate communication with your loved one.

How to Identify Codependency And What To Do About It

By Aisha Z. Rush, MD, MA, MBA

Breaking out of codependency is a huge step forward toward mutual recovery. If you can identify it and take action, you’re already well on your way. Here's what to look out for.

Get the relief and support you deserve

"I love Tammy's groups and the people, now my friends, who show up for group with me. It is a time together that feels supportive, and where I can ask for feedback about questions or challenges I am having right now. I am always glad I have made time to come!"

"I'd highly recommend Monument. Having lost a good friend to addiction I wish Monument had been around for him to have gotten help for he feared others knowing he was struggling."

"All involved in Saturday meeting were helpful to newcomers. I appreciate them and Monument for all the support ūüôŹ"

Our Treatment Approach

Monument connects our members to expert clinicians that empower them to change their relationship with alcohol. Designed for sobriety or moderation, Monument plans are personalized and available entirely online.

Therapy is a key component in addressing the psychological influences on alcohol use and building healthier coping strategies.

Research has proven medication to be an effective component of a holistic alcohol treatment program. Sign up for free resources about medication.

Daily therapist-moderated support groups provide accountability and connection.

Our anonymous forum makes it easy to connect with others navigating this journey, and ask questions along the way.


Mike built Monument based on his own journey to stop drinking.

"Friends and family have played a pivotal role in my sobriety journey. I actually began treatment after learning about medication options from a friend. Now, I'm on a mission to support anyone looking to cut back on drinking, and the team of people empowering their progress. You have the potential to make an incredible impact on someone's journey, and deserve to be supported along the way. I know it's not easy, and I hope you know by showing up here, you're doing an incredible thing. My community has meant the world to me, and I know your openness, compassion, and support will mean a lot to your loved one, too."